Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of BREMS is elected by the member agency representatives of BREMS. The Board meets on a quarterly basis and the meetings are open to all. 


The next BOD meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, September 17th at 4pm and is a virtual meeting. Contact MK Allen for virtual link.

The Grant Review meeting is scheduled with the BOD on Tuesday, October 13th at 6:30pm. This meeting will be in person and is scheduled at LFD Station 1. All attendees will adhere to social distancing guidelines as outlined by the VA Office of EMS.


Executive Committee for Board of Directors as of June 2019:
President - Janet Blankenship, Bedford County (elected position expires June 2022)
Vice President - Michelle Turner, Campbell County (elected position expires June 2021)
Treasurer - John Boon, Community Representative  (elected position expires June 2021)
Secretary - Robert Lipscomb, City of Lynchburg (elected position expires June 2022)


Board of Directors:

Dr. Wendy Wilcoxson, Regional OMD

Dr. Leonard Cohen, OMD - Bedford & Campbell Counties, Community Representative 

Dr. Peter O'Brien - Centra Health, Community Representative 

Sam Bryant - Director, Amherst County Public Safety

Jason Ferguson - Associate Vice President for CVCC Professional & Career Studies, Education Representative 

Holly Hogan - Paramedic/RN, Huddleston Rescue Squad, Community Representative 

Robert Stratton - Concord Rescue Squad, Community Representative 

Jeff Tanner - Director Air & Ground Services, Centra Health, Hospital Representative 

Susan Walton - Appomattox Rescue Squad, Appomattox County


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:

pdf BREMS BOD Meeting Minutes 9 14 2021 (388 KB)

pdf BREMS BOD Meeting Minutes 6 8 2021 (370 KB)

pdf BREMS BOD Meeting Mins 4 13 21 (372 KB)

pdf BREMS BOD Meeting Minutes 3 9 2021 (370 KB)

pdf BREMS BOD Draft Meeting Minutes 12 15 20 (369 KB)

pdf BREMS BOD Meeting Minutes 11 12 2020 (240 KB)

pdf BREMS BOD Meeting Minutes 10 13 2020 (373 KB)

pdf DRAFT BREMS BOD Meeting Minutes 9 17 2020 (371 KB)







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