Advanced Paramedic Program

The BREMS Advanced Practice Paramedic is capable of extensive, advanced patient care interventions in critical and emergent patients. This individual possesses the complex knowledge and advanced interventional skills necessary to provide physician extension to the patient’s side, allowing the OMD the ability to be extended to the scene of any emergency, through the hand, eyes, and ears of the APP. Advanced Practice Paramedics are the pinnacle of a comprehensive EMS response, under medical oversight. Advanced Practice Paramedics perform interventions and patient care management with the advanced and diagnostic equipment typically found in an advanced response vehicle, or on an advanced practice ALS ambulance. BREMS has over 20 Advanced Practice Paramedics serving this region in all localities.

Medical Director & Program Oversight - Kayla Long, DO

Program & Education Coordinator - Sean Regan


BREMS APP Program Protocols & Guidelines:

pdf BREMS Advanced Practice Paramedic Protocol Changes 2 19 20 (35 KB)

pdf Advanced Paramedic Guidelines Updated February 2020 (994 KB)

pdf Advanced Paramedic Medication Index Updated February 2020 (877 KB)


BREMS APP Program QA Forms:

pdf BREMS Cardizem QA fillable (84 KB)

pdf BREMS Conscious Sedation Quality Control Form (131 KB)

pdf BREMS DAI QA (316 KB)

pdf BREMS Labetalol QA (58 KB)

pdf BREMS AP Misc Use Form (54 KB)

pdf BREMS IV NTG Quality Control Form (68 KB)


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